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2010 foals.....

After a very wet winter we have come out the other side with a good cover of grass and two lovely colts.

The first was born in the haybarn with me sleeping on the hay bales,we were in the middle of a very cold snap and it was snowing on and off.

The second colt arrived a month later and I slept in the paddock with mum till she foaled as we had lost her first foal 2 years previous and with all the effort and time spent getting her pregnant to Little Smarty Oak (Aust) we weren't going to risk it again.

Both colts are extremely quiet and have been on the halters and had their legs up and seem to be very happy with contact all over. 



Awesome Copper Oak


 Okay, Here he is, finally,      Awesome Copper Oak aka Ozzy

Sire  Little Smarty Oak (AI) Australian Cutting Horse

Dam  Settenna Copper Lynx (professional smoocher)

He is very quiet and easy to handle .Halter broke and leading and only 3 weeks old.


Awesome Doc Storm



 And here is Awesome Doc Storm  aka Stormy

Sire Beaver Doc Bingo

Dam Annie Oak Lee

Stormy loves to sit on his behind alot and can even get up from this position.


SOLD to Racheal Hills congrats


  Introducing our newest import Crown K Lily San (lily) This is her at Debbie Keogh at Hunter Valley NSW and her mum Lily San Badger

1 day old

 DOB 2-11-2010

13 days



This is Lily  14 August here at her new home with her coat to suit  at 9 months 10 days.












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